Hands and Hindenburgs

A belated update on a couple recent projects:

The Cincinnati Fringe Festival begins this week, and with it performances of the Tangled Leaves Theatre Collective’s new play, Vortex of the Great unknown.  The full poster (designed by yours truly):

Vortex Poster

Additionally, I was recently commissioned to design a log for Steampug Studios (no relation), an upcoming indie game designer.  The concept was originally envisioned as a straight adaptation of the original steampug image, but it evolved quite a bit through the creative process, for the better, I think.

Steam Pug Studios Logo

Shameless Self Promotion

Reader, I would be remiss if I didn’t alert you the fact that glorious Steampug prints and tees are back on the market!  Just in time for your favorite  holiday-when-it-is-least-practical-to-wear-a-teeshirt-if-you-live-in-the-Northern-Hemisphere!


The Further Adventures of a Silly Idea

The talented Professor HerpaDerpalus has used SCIENCE to summon Steampug into the third dimension.  He has also been given a nifty propulsion system.


…It should also be noted that the good Professor suggested as plausible an origin story as I’ve heard: “some mad inventor thought his dog wanted to see the world and made a baloon for him, not realizing the dog will end up a tiny skeleton attached to a baloon in a bit.”

Adventures in Memecrafting

A couple months ago, I drew a very silly picture based on a fragment of a late night conversation.

This is Steampug.

© 2011 Robin Latkovich, because why the hell not?

 In the approximate month-and-a-half since Steampug rode his zeppelin into the strange aether of the internet, he has cropped up on a number of sites, including tumblr, where he has received 2,044 loves/reblogs (as of yesterday).  This is more than the total hits to date for this website, and probably more people than have seen any one of my “serious” pieces.

So… t-shirts?