The Further Adventures of a Silly Idea

The talented Professor HerpaDerpalus has used SCIENCE to summon Steampug into the third dimension.  He has also been given a nifty propulsion system.

…It should also be noted that the good Professor suggested as plausible an origin story as I’ve heard: “some mad inventor thought his dog wanted to see the world and made a baloon for him, not realizing the dog will end up a tiny skeleton attached to a baloon in a bit.”

Adventures in Memecrafting

A couple months ago, I drew a very silly picture based on a fragment of a late night conversation.

This is Steampug.

© 2011 Robin Latkovich, because why the hell not?

 In the approximate month-and-a-half since Steampug rode his zeppelin into the strange aether of the internet, he has cropped up on a number of sites, including tumblr, where he has received 2,044 loves/reblogs (as of yesterday).  This is more than the total hits to date for this website, and probably more people than have seen any one of my “serious” pieces.

So… t-shirts?