About + CV

I’m an animator, visual artist, and filmmaker.  You can see more of my work on YouTube; you can also follow me on Instagram for sketches, works-in-progress, and the occasional cool plant or bug that I find.


Meteor (2020)
Audience Choice Award, Standing Rock International Shorts Festival
Honorable Mention, Video Art and Experimental Film Festival New York

Antipode (2018)
official selection, Ohio Independent Film Festival
official selection, CINE-EX: Experimental and Animated Short Film Festival

Visual Art/Installation – Selected CV

September 2022, IngenuityFest, Cleveland OH
dance(mediated/blue) – video/multimedia installation

July 2022, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
Oracle Gyre – video/multimedia installation

September 2019, IngenuityFest, Cleveland OH
Coherence – video/multimedia installation

July 2018, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
The Fifteenth Apparition of Charity McGill – video/multimedia installation

October 2017, FireFish Festival, Cleveland OH
Shoal – video installation

September 2017, IngenuityFest, Cleveland OH
Emergence #3 – video installation

May 2017, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
Emergence #2 – video installation

September 2016, IngenuityFest, Cleveland OH
Wind Engines – installation

May 2016, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
Creature Feature – installation

May 2015, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
The Hollow Book – installation

November 2014, Micro Art Space, Cleveland OH
cairns – Robin Latkovich – solo show/residency

March 2014, Rotten Meat Gallery, Cleveland OH
In Defense of Absurd Cosmologies – solo show

May 2012, RAID Projects, Los Angeles CA
Prophesy Territory – with the Intuitive Research Society

April 2011, GA/GI Festival, Pittsburgh PA
The Dichotomy Paradox – with the Intuitive Research Society

 September 2010, Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland OH
Chamber/Story Induction  installation

August 2010, Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland OH
Extended Vessel/The Museum of One Thing – installation

February 2010, Brite Winter Festival – Cleveland OH
Offering (Activated River) – installation/performance

November 2009, SPACES Gallery – Cleveland OH
Presence/Evocation – installation

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  1. Hi, Robin. Maybe I’m missing it, but do you have a search function on your wordpress site? I was looking for “Steampug Emerges from Fog” so I could link it somewhere else, and couldn’t find a search box… Although I’ve missed important stuff before. (Note: You don’t have to approve and post this comment on your site, just sharing. Your piece was featured on a facebook group with no credit, so I’m trying to fix that. It’s one of my tilting at windmills ongoing missions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/steampunktendencies/ )

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