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Selected CV

Shows & Installations

May 2017, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
Emergence #2 – video installation

September 2016, IngenuityFest, Cleveland OH
Wind Engines – installation

May 2016, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
Creature Feature – installation

May 2015, Rooms to Let, Cleveland OH
The Hollow Book – installation

November 2014, Micro Art Space, Cleveland OH
cairns – Robin Latkovich – solo show/residency

March 2014, Rotten Mean Gallery, Cleveland OH
In Defense of Absurd Cosmologies – solo show

May 2012, RAID Projects, Los Angeles CA
Prophesy Territory – with the Intuitive Research Society

April 2011, GA/GI Festival, Pittsburgh PA
The Dichotomy Paradox – with the Intuitive Research Society

 September 2010, Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland OH
Chamber/Story Induction  installation

August 2010, Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland OH
Extended Vessel/The Museum of One Thing – installation

February 2010, Brite Winter Festival – Cleveland OH
Offering (Activated River) – installation/performance

November 2009, SPACES Gallery – Cleveland OH
Presence/Evocation – installation

 July 2009, Ingenuity Festival – Cleveland OH
The Cleveland Pavilion – installation with Wesley Johanson


Other Venues

 May/June 2013
Poster and promotional art for Vortex of the Great Unknown at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival

 February 2012
Featured in MAKE8ELIEVE art & culture magazine

 November 2008
Interviewed on

2 thoughts on “CV & Contact

  1. Hi, Robin. Maybe I’m missing it, but do you have a search function on your wordpress site? I was looking for “Steampug Emerges from Fog” so I could link it somewhere else, and couldn’t find a search box… Although I’ve missed important stuff before. (Note: You don’t have to approve and post this comment on your site, just sharing. Your piece was featured on a facebook group with no credit, so I’m trying to fix that. It’s one of my tilting at windmills ongoing missions. )

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