Catchup Blog- Winter 2020

Well, it’s been exactly two years since I wrote a post here… is blogging still a thing that people do? In my defense the world’s been a bit weird, no?

The film that I was just starting to tease in my last posts is now complete! It’s called Meteor, and I’m currently working on getting it seen. With that finished, I’m in the very early stages of my next long-term animation project. I suspect it’ll ultimately take the form of a video installation with a strong narrative component; more on that once I have something to show for it.

In the mean time, for fun/practice/keeping-my-sanity-over-the-winter-months, I’m making a series of ten-second(ish) fantasy films called The Inhabited World. I’ll be posting new ones here and on my YouTube channel as I finish them- probably every other week.

A Dilettante’s Guide to Filmmaking, part 3: Character Building

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here about the (still unnamed) film project, and it’s high time I introduced the story’s (likewise unnamed) protagonist and sole character.*

PL character sketch.0001PL character test 1

The Traveler (working name) is intended to be something of an otherworldly being, and to read as a foreign element in the film’s setting. Their face is covered by a mask and so characterization is mostly done through body language, partially as a storytelling challenge, partially because facial animation is a hassle and who needs that stress in their life?

PL still 2.0020.jpg

I’m now in the thick of animation for this thing, so expect more frequent updates! Probably!

*regarding “the landscape is a character”: oh man I used to love that phrase. But is it a character, really? Does something need to be a character in order to be interesting/important? Check your anthropocentrism, people.

A Dilettante’s Guide to Filmmaking

Last winter I made a short animated film, mostly just to see if I could.  It took half a year to complete and the finished product was a bit rough around the edges, but all in all I was pretty happy with it.

Winter is coming again here in the northern hemisphere and I’m working on a new film, this one a bit more ambitious, visually at least.  There’s a lot of work to do, and I plan documenting the process here as it unfolds.  For now, here’s a work-in-process look at one of the (as yet untitled) film’s backgrounds.  Much more to come; stay tuned!

PL promo 1.jpg

Coming Soon(ish)

So it’s been pretty quiet on this blog.  I’ve been busy over the fall and winter (and probably a not insignificant portion of the spring to come) working on a short animated film.  Here’s a still:

cs still.jpg

No title as yet, but the film will be a ghost story of sorts. I’m hoping to have a short preview excerpt up in the near future; stay tuned!