fantastical adventures in black and white

I haven’t written about Aera in a bit, and I really should get better at talking about my work, so.

Episode 6 is up, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m not sure whether or not it works as the miniature horror movie I’d intended, but it looks cool and that’s ninety percent of what I aspire to.

There’s a lot I want to say about the larger story and where it’s going, but I’m hesitant to get into that yet. When I was first thinking about this series I was really into the idea of the viewer discovering the shape of the story as it emerges (which is one of my favorite experiences with fiction), and I don’t want to undermine that by tipping my hand too early. Which is maybe a pompous thing to say about such a shoestring project. Have I really earned the right to be that coy? I don’t know.

So anyway, check out Aera if you want. Tell your friends, like & subscribe, blah blah blah. I would love to have an audience for this thing. Here’s a still from Episode 7, currently in progress:

Fully Inhabited

I just finished the tenth (and probably final) installment of The Inhabited World; check it out:

These were extremely fun to do, and I think I’ve learned a lot in the the process. Moreover, a lot of these shorts’ DNA is going to carry over into my next project, which is looking to be raaaather more ambitious… more on that later.