A Dilettante’s Guide to Filmmaking, part 3: Character Building

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here about the (still unnamed) film project, and it’s high time I introduced the story’s (likewise unnamed) protagonist and sole character.*

PL character sketch.0001PL character test 1

The Traveler (working name) is intended to be something of an otherworldly being, and to read as a foreign element in the film’s setting. Their face is covered by a mask and so characterization is mostly done through body language, partially as a storytelling challenge, partially because facial animation is a hassle and who needs that stress in their life?

PL still 2.0020.jpg

I’m now in the thick of animation for this thing, so expect more frequent updates! Probably!

*regarding “the landscape is a character”: oh man I used to love that phrase. But is it a character, really? Does something need to be a character in order to be interesting/important? Check your anthropocentrism, people.

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