Adventures in Memecrafting

A couple months ago, I drew a very silly picture based on a fragment of a late night conversation.

This is Steampug.

© 2011 Robin Latkovich, because why the hell not?

 In the approximate month-and-a-half since Steampug rode his zeppelin into the strange aether of the internet, he has cropped up on a number of sites, including tumblr, where he has received 2,044 loves/reblogs (as of yesterday).  This is more than the total hits to date for this website, and probably more people than have seen any one of my “serious” pieces.

So… t-shirts?

158 thoughts on “Adventures in Memecrafting

  1. I have had this picture forwarded to me several times, because I am a known lover of Victorian fiction (I am writing a series of essays of every canonical Sherlock Holmes stories on my blog right now) and a known owner of two pugs. I know several people that would buy this in a heartbeat as a T-shirt or print.

    1. I’ve also had this forwarded to me because I love steampunk and own two pugs! Copy of the print ordered today! *so cited!!*

  2. I would *love* a print of this… it’s just the loveliest piece of art I have seen in… maybe ever. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  3. I’d totally buy that t-shirt. Better still that it should come as a onesie for the little ones, though! If I could put that on my toddler after work today, I’d be doing it at while still at the daycare. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’m already selling shirts through, only because it allows a bit more independence. I’ve been looking at threadless for future designs, though.

  4. Hi loved the way you managed to shape your balloon as a Faberge egg with fish fins for wings and yet it looks so harmonious together …I’m not surprised this got freshly pressed …it sort of plays on a person’s imagination for being so incongruous and yet so harmonious.

  5. This is fantastic. Sometimes, late-night ideas are actually as brilliant as they seemed right after you took that hit.

  6. Steampub HAS TO BE A FILM! His travels, his first love and parting and then reuniting with his first love (a lot happens in between), fighting bad guys/gals, saving the world…yeah, it has to be a film. I’ll help write the script. Of course Steampug is an inventor and all round cool pug. Begin with a cartoon column.

  7. So true, I mean that’s the way it happens – you write one post and you love it and think it’s something like your personal masterpiece and then you fool around and write another one just for fun, or not for fun, maybe not even thinking what actually for and it gets more likes and views than the one which is the masterpiece.


  8. YES T-SHIRT!!! The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture is that I wanted it on a shirt! 😀

    And I did find this on Tumblr! 🙂

  9. As an artist and mommy to a pug (two at one time), YES! I would love a babydoll tee of this and an art print to put on my wall of art with Dali, Picasso, and some local artists as well 🙂

    But seriously, if you have not known of the pug movement, I suggest you consider the branding of it. Your pug is comical and spirited and MANY pug owners are ever sooooo insanely crazy about their dogs and everyone else’s pug. Not only will you make many pug owners happy, but monetarily I would assume it pays well too.

  10. Now that I have found you and know who did this wonderful bit of Steampunk whimsy, I will post it far and wide WITH your name and etsy shop link. I really hope there are both t-shirts AND posters for sale of this!

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