Inverted Bestiary: The Reverse Harpy

Reverse Harpy

In the grand scheme of cosmic justice, this beast fulfills a role complementary to its ordinary cousin.  Whereas the traditional Harpy swoops from on high to torment the wicked, the Reverse Harpy seeks to reward the fair-to-decent, usually by dropping in uninvited with a home-cooked meal.  Culinary opinions on the Reverse Harpy’s cooking are split.  While their dishes display an undeniable flair for color, texture, and flavor, most diners find the regurgitated rabbit bones off-putting.

Inverted Bestiary: The Reverse Hippocampus

Reverse Hippocampus

A lesser known cousin to the majestic “sea horse” of yore, the Reverse Hippocampus dwells in shallow lakes and rivers, where it plods along the bottom while carefully keeping its gills submerged.  Few mortals have ridden upon this fabled beast; those who have done so describe the experience as “unexhilarating.”

Inverted Bestiary: The Reverse Griffin

Reverse Griffin

Combining the leftover parts of the conventional griffin- head and front legs of a lion, eagle’s back half (minus the wings)- the Reverse Griffin is a proud and profoundly insecure beast.  Due to its extreme front-heaviness, it has a tendency to fall on its face while pursuing prey.  Nonetheless, mocking the reverse griffin is not advised.