coming attractions

I’ve been working overtime on VIA lately, and I wanted to share one of the upcoming pages ahead of time, for a couple reasons:

First, I am just so damn pleased with how it came out, and…

Second, because this was the first clear image I had in my head when I first began thinking about this project two years ago.  I didn’t know how the road would get there or where it would go afterwards, but I knew it would get there nonetheless.  Now it has gotten there, and I know exactly where it’s going next.  Can’t wait for you all to find out.

Adventures in Sequential Art

This is my first new post in a while.  For the last couple months, I’ve been busy working on an online project that’s been buzzing around my head for the better part of a year, and now it’s just about ready to go.


VIA: a perambulatory tale will be an ongoing graphic novel that is:

1- a story without characters, and

2- a love-letter to the horizon

Beyond that, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  Regular posts begin Monday, September 1st at  I promise weirdness and wonder.

Monster Drawing Rally!

This coming Saturday (4/12), I will be participating in SPACES Gallery’s 2014 Monster Drawing Rally!  For those unfamiliar with the event, about 100 artists will be drawing live in the gallery over one-hour shifts (one is not required to draw monsters per se, but really, why wouldn’t you?).  At the end of each shift, the finished drawings go up for sale immediately, with all proceeds benefiting SPACES.  I’ve participated a couple years in the past, and it’s always a tremendously fun, energetic event.  I’ll be drawing during the 8-9pm shift.