Tea and Chemistry

This Friday and Saturday, the Intuitive Research Society (consisting of Wes Johansen, Vanessa LaValle, and myself) will be at Pittsburgh’s GA/GI Festival.  Our contribution, The Shining Realm and the Ten Thousand Things, promises to be an extravaganza of light and dark, installation and performance, science and nonscience, tea.  Our statement:

In its quest to understand the universe, contemporary science is driven simultaneously towards complexity and simplicity. We work to map and enumerate the myriad forces and entities that compose our world, while seeking beneath them a common ancestor, a unified force, a theory of everything to draw together the disparate threads of physical theory. In this, science is driven by the same intuition that guided the alchemists and philosophers that preceded it: that the multiplicity we observe must be and expression of an underlying unity.

The scientific thought of the past few centuries has prided itself on taking an objective stance wherein the psychic state of the experimenter is irrelevant. However, science springs from a tradition wherein such states were of paramount importance, and has not progressed as far from these beliefs as it would seem. In Shining Realm and the Ten Thousand Things, we have attempted to uncover the subjective dimension of multiplicity and unity, exploring them as both abstract cosmological models and experiential states.

April 1st and 2nd, the Glass Lofts, 5491 Penn Avenue.


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