a deleted scene from Midnight in Paris

INT. 1920′s Paris, Gertrude Stein’s flat- Owen Wilson, Gertrude Stein, and F. Scott Fitzgerald are finishing their umpteenth drinks

WILSON: Wow guys, Ok. Well, I’ve met my literary idols, found my muse, and learned an important lesson about appreciating the life you’re given. I’m going to return to my own time now.

FITZGERALD: Say old chap, you don’t have any knowledge about the future that you’d like to share, do you?

WILSON: Uhh… nope.

FITZGERALD: No? No facts about what’s likely to happen in Paris or Europe in general over the next twenty years that could save literally millions of lives?

WILSON: No, nothing comes to mind.

FITZGERALD: Ok, have a good life then.

exit Owen Wilson

enter Young Adolph

ADOLPH: Gertrude! Gertrude! I have this new landscape, and-

GERTRUDE: Adolph, I already told you, your paintings suck. Go home.

ADOLPH: Oh… ok.

Work in Progress

The image below is the first of three that I’ll be using for a planned installation:

BioWall 1

The completed images (entirely digital) will be projected onto the walls at approximately 8′ tall- large enough for the individual pixels to be visible.

Unlike previous works involving similar imagery, I’m shooting for something slightly beyond the aesthetic here.  The images deliberately evoke traditional painterly qualities, i.e. gestural markmaking and smeared paint (the latter of which is simulated), as well as equally traditional subject matter- figures and fruit, in particular.  Nonetheless, the images and their presentation will be emphatically immaterial.  Briefly, materiality is the true subject of the piece- my own conflicted relationship with it, and its ambivalent status in contemporary art.

I’ll be posting the other images as they’re completed; I welcome critique!