November 2014       Micro Art Space, Cleveland OH

cairns – Robin Latkovich solo show/residency

March 2014               Rotten Mean Gallery, Cleveland OH

In Defense of Absurd Cosmologies solo show

July 2013                    Loren Naji Studio Gallery, Cleveland OH

Tall Walls group show

May 2012                   RAID Projects, Los Angeles CA

Prophesy Territory with the Intuitive Research Society

April 2011                   Zaller Gallery, Cleveland OH

Clampdown: Labor, Management, and the Recession

April 2011                   GA/GI Festival, Pittsburgh PA

The Dichotomy Paradox with the Intuitive Research Society

 September 2010      Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland OH

Chamber/Story Induction installation

August 2010               Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland OH

Extended Vessel/The Museum of One Thing installation

April 2010                    ArtCares Benefit – Cleveland OH

February 2010            Brite Winter Festival – Cleveland OH

Offering (Activated River) installation/performance

November 2009          SPACES Gallery – Cleveland OH

Presence/Evocation installation

 July 2009                     Ingenuity Festival – Cleveland OH

The Cleveland Pavilion installation with Wesley Johanson

 July 2009                     Asterisk Gallery – Cleveland OH

5th Annual “19” Exhibition group show

Other Venues

 May/June 2013            Poster and promotional art for Vortex of the Great Unknown at

                                          the Cincinnati Fringe Festival

 February 2012               Featured in MAKE8ELIEVE art & culture magazine

 November 2008           Interviewed on

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